DSB Management Consultants, LLC uses the results of our assessments to produce managerial decision support and technical implementation resolution reports that provide each level of the organizational eco-system with actionable recommendations for forging and fortifying the force of the  mission essential activities and functions. 

DSB Management Consultants, LLC uses NIST CSF, FISMA, and RMF, GAO FAM, FISCAM, and Yellow Book, COBIT, PCI-DSS, and other professional frameworks and standards to plan customized Information Assurance and Privacy Assessment Services.

​“Providing Information Assurance Services to Ensure Public Confidence in Our Nation’s Financial and Management Systems”


Business Consulting


We identify the people, processes, technologies, data, facilities, and territories to understand our client's current state environment and objectives within the context of the scope and boundary of their areas of responsibilities and inter and intra operational capabilities.


 We conduct our analysis and procedures to identify, document, and assess the managerial directions, operational workflows, technical transformations, and information developed and delivered to support the conduct of the organization mission and continuous measures of performance.