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Our management and technology services include the provision of the following:

Management Controls Solutions:   Security Assessment and Authorization (Certification & Accreditation), and Security Policy and Procedural Development.

Operational Controls Solutions:  IT Security Awareness and Training, Configuration Management/Change Control Board Support, Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Analysis, Development, and Training.

Technical Controls Solutions:  Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Network Monitoring and Incident Response Management, and Security Architecture Design and Implementation.

Public Policy and Governmental Program Analysis Solutions:  Analysis and reporting of federal, state, and local policies and programs, to identify opportunities to increase objectives / outcomes fulfillment and to reduce the risk of systemic inefficiencies.

Accounting and Financial Management Operations Solutions:  Accounting and financial management operations, education and training support services for public institutions, private companies and individual clients.